(Sola is Latin for alone)

  1. By Scripture alone: The Bible alone is our total authority over what is true and necessary concerning salvation.(2 Tim. 3:15)
  2. By grace alone: Salvation is by God’s grace alone, without our having to earn it or deserve it first. (Eph. 2:4)
  3. By faith alone: We are justified by God through faith alone, our total trust in Jesus Christ. (Gal. 3:11)
  4. In Christ alone: It is in the person and work of Christ alone that serves as the basis for our relationship with God, with no room or need for any other mediator. (1 Tim. 2:5)
  5. To the glory of God alone:  Since the Word of God teaches that we are saved by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, the only proper response is to God alone be the glory, without any credit taken by ourselves. (1 Cor. 10:31)

Luther Rose Coloring Page for Children (pdf)

Martin Luther Drama

Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses at Wittenberg

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Martin Luther - Musical Drama Version

This original musical drama was created to honor the great reformer on the 500th anniversary of the posting of the 95 Thesis in 1517.  The cast of characters includes Martin Luther, his parents: Hans and Margarethe, Johann Tetzel, the Chancellor at the Diet of Worms, and members of Luther's reformed congregation.

The production covers: 

  1. Early Life, becoming a monk, visit to Rome. Listen to a sample here
  2. His Great Awakening in Wittenberg finding salvation by faith alone. Listen to a sample here
  3. 95 Theses - 1517. Listen to sample here
  4. Johann Tetzel's Indulgences
  5. Councils, debates and publications which tell of Martin's progression in theology and conflicts with Rome. Listen to a sample here
  6. Diet of Worms (trial for heresy)
  7. Beginnings of the reformation church
  8. Psalm 46 - A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, congregational sing along.

The Songs include:

  1. It's Time to Celebrate (Martin, Hans, and Margarethe) Listen to sample here
  2. Coin in the Coffer (Martin, Tetzel, Soul in purgatory) Listen to a sample here
  3. By Faith Alone (Martin) Listen to a sample here
  4. Prayer at Worms (Martin) Listen to a sample here
  5. A Mighty Fortress is Our God (2 verses of congregational sing along), recitation of the 5 Solas followed by a short reprise of By Faith Alone (Martin, 2 townspeople)  Listen to a sample here

Accompaniment tracks are included for all songs as well as various interludes as underscores to dialogue.

Production Length:52 minutes


This was written for an ensemble of 3 actors doing multiple parts. But it is possible to include more actors.

Martin Luther (Actor/singer. Voice range Tenor: D to E)
Hans Luther
(Martin’s father. Actor/singer. Voice range Baritone: B to D)

Margarethe Luther
(Martin’s mother. Actor/singer. Voice range Low Soprano: D to D)

Narrator 1
(can be played by same actor as Margarethe)

Narrator 2
(can be played by same actor as Hans)

Apostle Paul
(can be be played by same actor as Hans)

Johann Tetzel
(can be played by same actor as Hans. Singer/actor. Voice range Baritone: Bb to D)

Soul in Purgatory
(can be same actor as Margarethe. Singer. Voice range Low Soprano: E to C)

(can be played by same actor as Hans)

Male Townsperson
(can be played by same actor as Hans. Singer. Voice range Baritone. D to D)

Female Townsperson
(can be played by same actor as Margarethe. Singer. Voice range Low Soprano. D to D)

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By Faith Alone is truly a play inspired by God's Spirit. Our members learned many things that they didn't know about Luther and the Gospel came through loud and clear.
Dennis Rupert, Pastor, Morning Star Presbyterian Church, Vero Beach FL

I was absolutely impressed by His Majesty’s Ministries Luther production. As a fan of church history, I can only applaud the historical accuracy of Luther’s story. Along with staying true to history I felt drawn in by the story as they played it out. The part I loved most though was that the play was saturated with the gospel. Luther gives believers an insight into how the Protestant church got to be where it is today and exposes non-believers to the gospel. I highly recommend churches and para-church ministries to see this play.”  David LeRoy, Youth Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church,  Bluefield WV 

We were especially moved by the words of the song By Faith Alone sung by Martin as a testimony of his new realization that becoming a Christian was not through good works but through faith alone in Christ Jesus. A truth through song that will be an encouragement to believers and an invitation to unbelievers to find rest and peace in trusting Christ. Audience Member

Before watching this drama, I had no idea who Martin Luther was. The drama helped me know who he was and what he accomplished. The performance was eye-opening. I thoroughly enjoyed it not only for the education but also for the Biblical content. The way it is presented makes it understable from youth on up. Audience Member

For all who long to stand righteous before our holy God, but who know they are failures, this play is a must. His Majesty's Ministries depicts in delightful music and drama the story of Martin Luther, the monk who 500 years ago discovered the Bible’s long neglected teaching on justification—how by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, God accounts us as “righteous.”  Audience Member

Having been raised in Germany and taught about Luther there, I can say that the portrayal of Luther and the events you included in your drama are very accurate. Your production was a great encouragement. Audience Member

Martin Luther - Monologue Version

This monologue was originally written and performed in 2008. It is based on numerous biographies published on the life of Martin Luther.

The monologue is approximately 30 minutes. It can be broken into 4 separate sections:
  1. Early Life
  2. Great Awakening
  3. 95 Theses
  4. Psalm 46 - A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
For more information on obtaining the script and music, please contact Steve Newcomb at:

To view video clips, click here.

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